Derecho Penitenciario Asesoramiento en la gestión de problemas penitenciarios del cliente CONTÁCTENOS
Penitentiary Law

It is a right of the forgotten, of those who are marginalized and excluded precisely by the application of criminal norms. In RGM.LEGAL as criminal lawyers, we cannot forget that the prisoner is certainly prevented from exercising that right, but he cannot be deprived of all fundamental rights.

In RGM.LEGAL we deal with addressing the regime and prison treatment of the rights of inmates.

Especially we are in charge of directing the execution of the criminal sentences, we formulate appeals against the decisions of the Courts and Tribunals of our islands and Courts of Penitentiary Surveillance and Penitentiary Administration, the transfer of foreign prisoners and their expulsion from the national territory.

We also request Probation as a form of suspension of the execution of the prison sentence.

Special treatment for the cancellation of criminal and police records, which are so uncomfortable in your normal life for those who have been convicted or detained. In RGM.LEGAL we help you in the advice and processing of the cancellation of your background.


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