Delitos Económico, Fiscal & Societario Nuestro Departamento de Penal le asesorará para evitar ser victima de delitos y para evitar que, por desconocimiento de la ley, incurra en ellos. CONTÁCTENOS
Economic and corporate crimes

More than 1,500 criminal trials and extensive experience in defenses for economic, physical and corporate crimes support us.

Our Criminal Law department pays special attention to these types of crimes since in today’s society, and after the financial crisis that hit the country in recent times, there was an exponential increase in these types of crimes.

In recent years there have been numerous reforms in our Criminal Code, related to economic crime cases. At present, both natural persons and legal persons (companies and institutions) can be investigated, accused and convicted. Our update in this sector of Law is constant.

Our criminal department has not only intervened in the Courts and Tribunals at the Canary Islands level, but also in the National Court, with relevant cases related to money laundering, tax crimes and scams.

We provide our experienced services both in defense and in the prosecution of the following crimes:

  • Fraud
  • Misappropriation
  • Receiving
  • Corporate crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Punishable insolvency (Lifting of assets)
  • Tax crimes
  • Crimes against Social Security
  • Environmental crimes
  • Grant Fraud
  • Accounting falsehood
  • Against historical heritage
  • Damage
  • Price change
  • Against the market
  • Business secret discovery
  • Crimes against consumers
  • Energy consumption impairment
  • Telecommunications fraud

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