Derecho Mercantil y Societario Asesoramiento integral a las empresas y a sus socios CONTÁCTENOS COMPRUEBE NUESTROS ÉXITOS EN LA PRENSA NACIONAL
Commercial and Corporate Law

In REYES | GALEOTE | MONTENEGRO we have a Private Law Department highly specialized in Civil and Commercial Law, with great successes even in national litigation.

The Civil and Commercial field is extremely broad, but our experience and knowledge allows us to offer effective advice on any aspect of them.

We advise both in the formation of the company and in the development of the activity by adjusting the interests of the client to the requirements of the Law, offering solutions to all legal needs that may manifest in the day-to-day life of the company.

Our goal is to offer a detailed follow-up in all the phases that companies can go through:

  • Incorporation and liquidation of companies, elaboration and modification of statutes, secretarial services and assistance to councils, advice on agreements between partners, obligations and responsibility of shareholders and directors.
  • Commercial contracting (distribution contracts, agency, commission, franchise, guarantee, leasing, etc.).
  • Bankruptcy Law.
  • Intellectual and industrial property.

The advice can even be comprehensive through recognized collaborating advisors with our Office or we can adapt our services in case the client already has labor or tax advice.


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